Since I was a teenager, I had an interest in the nature of the universe and how we fit into it. As many of us who've had similar thoughts have done, I left these interests behind to pursue efforts towards making a living, which initially was as a musician and then later, in medicine.

Through the years that followed, my interests in this and related topics remained with me and eventually guided me into gaining a comprehensive understanding of special and general relativity as well as a generalized grasp of quantum mechanics. I found that the measurement problem within quantum mechanics, to be a particularly fascinating conundrum, and as I became familiar with all aspects of it, I began working on a plausible solution.

As dark energy and dark matter were being integrated into modern cosmology as well as into physics in general, it seemed appropriate that a new branch of science should be developed, based on describing an interaction between the electromagnetic spectrum of energy and dark energy, as just one of many topics that need exploration. This marked the beginning of the creation of the two spectrums of energy hypothesis.

As I continued working on the development of a new hybrid system of physics from within a philosophical methodology, it became apparent, that dark energy, likely does not take part in the Standard Model of particle physics, while quantum particles that participate within the electromagnetic spectrum of energy, do. This sparked the beginning of the reallusion hypothesis, which began with the conceptualization that quantum particles are one type of data, while dark energy is another type of data. From this, it becomes apparent that if the universe is the product of the electromagnetic based data-state, merged with the dark energy data-state; then reality is the expression of that merger, while consciousness, is where it becomes expressed.

When I wrote my first book; "On The Nature and Origin of Time, Space, Gravity And Reality;" I had not yet accepted that the universe could exist as code and data, with no corporeal expression, except within our mind. Thus, when I wrote my first book, the universe was defined to exist as a two-dimensional, non temporal, projection-like process that is created from both data-states. Consciousness was not created within the projection, as it experiences the projection from an external vantage point, through an undefined process.

Reality was not the intended focus of my first book, as the main focus was to define matter, space, time, gravity and electromagnetic energy, from within the physics of the two-spectrums of energy hypothesis; and reality from within the reallusion hypothesis.

Soon after I published, "On The Nature and Origin Of Time, Space, Gravity And Reality, and as I continued working on a solution for the measurement problem, it was becoming more apparent to me that the solution of the measurement problem, as well as unifying gravity as defined in general relativity, with quantum mechanics, would be possible if reality is the outcome of a type of simulation, that is simulated directly into consciousness, rather than being the outcome of a type of projection that is external to consciousness; as I had proposed in my first book. This is when I started working on my own version of the simulated reality hypothesis as defined in my second book; The Four States Of Reality.

The Four States Of Reality takes the two spectrums of energy hypothesis a step further, as it defines reality as being a more complex merger between the two data-states, then how it was defined within my first book.

As I am not an experimental physicist, or a scientist by occupation; the two spectrums of energy hypothesis and the reallusion hypothesis are the products of imagination, creativity, deduction, knowledge, conceptualization and determination, but they are not the product of scientific methodology.