As we explore the Four States Of Reality, it brings forth two hypothetical systems of physics that are of the author's creation; the reallusion hypothesis and the two spectrums of energy hypothesis.

The reallusion hypothesis proposes that the universe is not an external presence of matter, space, energy and time that exists separate and independent to our own physical essence and our consciousness, but rather; the universe and our own physical essence, exist as code and data within a simulation that is expressed directly into our consciousness. If we could explore into the levels of order that precede the atomic level, the universe would revert into the embodiment of all that our mind encompasses; revealing that our mind transcends the boundaries of our perceived essence, within processes that create our consciousness and the universe within it.

The first three states of reality correspond to the three stages of the reallusion process where code and data are processed into the creation of conscious perspective and independent thought. The fourth state of reality corresponds to the afterlife.

The two spectrums of energy hypothesis explores how our conscious perspective of the universe is created within two spectrums of code and data from within the quantum and the subquantum levels of order, which we perceive as being two spectrums of energy from within our realty.